How I make my 10 minute Acai Smoothie Bowl

I used to think that making a smoothie bowl was so easy – throw a bunch of ingredients in the blender and place some pretty fruit on top.  Well if you’re like me, you’ll find that there is a little more to it.  The first couple times I made it I was so excited until I started putting the fruit on top.  The smoothie bowl quickly started swallowing my fruit whole, like quick sand.  So in terms of smoothie bowls, the less liquid, the better.

The key to thickening the smoothie is using frozen fruit, and being cautious about how much liquid you use.  There are many many different ways you can create a smoothie bowl but this is how I created mine.

If you’re making an Acai bowl obviously one of the most important ingredients is the Acai.  My favorite frozen Acai is this one.

Smoothie Ingredients



In the order above, I place all ingredients in my Vitamix Blender, and turn it on the variable mode, level 1.  I very slowly increase the level until the majority of the ingredients have been blended into small pieces.  I will then blend it on high for about 30-45 seconds.  It is important not to blend it on high for too long or else the smoothie will become too thin.  I usually add the cashew milk a little at a time, until I get the right consistency.  I then pour it in my favorite Coconut Bowl, and start decorating.

Smoothie Bowl Toppings


It’s important that you add the blackberries last if you want this frosted look.  Once out of the freezer, it doesn’t take long for these babies to start sweating.

Happy blending!!


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