A Natural Deodorant Review

FINALLY there are aluminum free deodorant options available! I have been wanting to stop using regular deodorant for years but haven’t been able to find anything that actually works.  Any time I’ve used them, I’ve started to smell like a 13 year old boy going through adolescence by 1pm.

What’s with aluminum in our deodorant?? Aluminum is the ingredient in deodorant that prevents us from sweating. It literally clogs our sweat pores so we can go about our day without worrying about pit stains.  Well that is great in theory but there is a reason why humans sweat.  It is a natural detoxification process.  We detox every other part of our body, so why not our armpits?  When aluminum is absorbed into our bodies, it tends to store in our tissues, potentially causing diseases such as Alzheimer and cancer.  There have even been some links to Alzheimer patients and trace amounts of aluminum in their bodies.

Anyway, here is my review of Primally Pure, Native, and Kopari!

Primally Pure


From the natural scent options to the packaging, this product is absolutely lovely.  The size of this stick is so easy to store and travel with too! One of my favorite things about this deodorant is that it feels like REAL deodorant.  It is a great transition for someone who is nervous about trying natural deodorants.  There are some granuals in the deodorant, which I believe is the Kaolin Clay or baking soda, but otherwise is a very smooth application.  The scent that I tried is Lavender which smells so calming and natural.  My only complaint would be that my armpits would sting a little bit when I first started to sweat, but I tend to have very sensitive skin.  Of course Primally Pure thought about customers like me and created a sensitive version which I will be trying very soon. Definitely put this one on your list!


Now this deodorant is coconut oil based so it is extremely smooth.  It really doesn’t feel or look like you even have deodorant on.  There is no baking soda AT ALL so there was zero irritation on my end.  Unfortunately this one didn’t cut it for me.  I was a little too swampy mid-morning for my liking.  This is not to say that it is not a good product.  My mom who is much less sweaty than me, is absolutely in love with this product.


This is a middle of the road product.  It still feels like regular deodorant (which I actually prefer) but is a bit smoother. Like Primally Pure, this deodorant lasted most of the day for me which I was pleasantly surprised about.  I also didn’t see any residue transfer over to clothing which is a huge plus, especially since black clothing is a staple this time of year. The scent that I tried is Lilac & White tea, and is absolutely lovely.  One thing I love about this brand are its’ scent options.  With 8 different scent options to choose from, you are bound to find a scent you like.   Maybe I’ll try Candy Cane next time?? Tis’ the season.

I highly suggest you give aluminum deodorant free a try!  It may take some trial and error but I promise you’ll feel better about taking this healthier step in your life.

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